Friday, August 26, 2011

A Long time ago...

In a galaxy not too far away... ok, it was the kitchen...

We worked on the Star Wars Preschool Pack (found at Homeschool Creations). I have much of this laminated and bound, so we can work on this again an again - the Punk never tires of Star Wars!

After that we worked on transferring for a bit. Keeping with the Star theme - we moved "planets" around the ice cube "solar system".

We also did a little Space Art - gluing star shaped pasta (already colored) to black construction paper with glitter glue. It turned out really lovely!

And finally ended our morning by watching Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope while we made lunch. Couldn't get much more awesome for the Punk!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to School!

We had a busy morning! Today's Lesson? Mommy wasn't prepared.

The Punk has grown up in so many ways over the Summer. He's physically stronger and able to do things he couldn't just a few weeks ago. He's going crazy with letters and phonics - just chomping at the bit to start reading. He's been working on his comedic timing, and is extremely funny. I love watching these new skills emerge, but already miss the baby he is rapidly leaving behind...

I didn't realize how FAST he would devour his school work this morning, so I was ill prepared. A few months ago this would have been a couple of hours "work" with a snack built in somewhere... now it took him just under a half hour to complete everything I had planned last night.

I have to dig a little deeper into these "lesson plans" of mine, because the Punk is leaps ahead of where we left off!

Patterns - Matching Patters from a Word document to his new foam shapes.

Big / Little Letters - New puzzle letters from Target

Reading the book Six Sticks and following along with our own 6 sticks...

Toothpicks - Mommy's chance to step away from the table and load the dishwasher!

Over the Summer...

What did we do over Summer Vacation?

We went to IKEA.

The Punk got a Big Boy Bed.

We went to Austin. And ate. A lot.
Played in the sprinklers.

Started weaning off naps...

We had a great time. We did some school work off and on, but nothing too scheduled. Now it's the first day of school (for Daddy's district) so we are back to work!