Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Here we grow again!

Someone gave us this little gardening kit, so we put it to use today, and planted the seeds that came with. If all goes well we should have cucumbers, tomatoes and sweet peppers at some point this spring/summer. The Punk is more enthused with the watering can than the rest of it. I think the little garden stakes (with stickers) are cute - but I'm afraid they won't last once the plants are transplanted outside.
As for our last gardening post - our herbs have sprouted! The Punk loves to check on them every day, and we water them with a little medicine dropper. He heard (on Charlie and Lola) that plants grow better when someone talks to them, and I have heard him whispering stories to them when he's playing behind the curtain.

I took a little nibble off that bent chive leaf, and I'm impressed! I hope the plants continue to grow so we can transplant them outside with the others later on. I have a tomato plant and a banana pepper plant growing outside now, and we want to add more in a few weeks when we get a "proper" vegetable garden set up in the back yard.

My thinking is that maybe, just maybe if the Punk helps grow the food he might just eat it too....? But since I can't grow a chicken nugget tree that might just be wishful thinking.

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  1. Chicken nugget tree - LOL. My boys love to garden as well. :) Would you mind putting the Montessori Monday button from the sidebar into your post or a link back to my blog in it? That way your readers can see all the links. Thanks so much!