Thursday, April 21, 2011

Inside / Outside Art

Today we went outside (in the rain) and collected a few textural items to bring indoors to play with. We also walked around the house (mostly the kitchen) to find objects that had interesting "feels" to them... and then we set to work!

Placing our Outdoor objects.

Covering with a blank sheet

This leaf was the loveliest of all. The Punk ooohed and ahhhed over how beautiful it was.

Then we went about our Indoor object placement.

The Punk is a "let's put it on like a hat" kind of kid :)

When we finished our rubbings we took the items out from beneath the paper nad matched them up with the drawings we had made. Sticks, straws, leaves, money - they were all very interesting to the Punk. I hope we can try this again on a dry day and take the paper and crayons on a nature walk!

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