Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Feeding the Fish

This morning we did an activity we called Feeding the Fish. I pulled out an ice cube tray from IKEA, some toast tongs and some pom-poms, and we had fun "Feeding the Fish".
We then did a little scissor work. The Punk cut between the stickers, and then we played with the "cards" he made for a while. Easy to make - they are free stickers I get in some Movie Club advertisements (I am cheap like that) and the Punk knows the characters, so it makes for good patterning and Memory type games. Then we moved on to the bowl of Buttons. I had these ready for him - 3 of each color, but all different shapes. He sorted them, then used his chopsticks to place them back in the bowl.

He's getting so much better with his chopsticks! We have a second pair we take with us to eat sushi, and he feels pretty confident when he picks up food from his plate and it makes the entire trip to his mouth! Practical life, indeed.

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