Thursday, March 24, 2011

D is for Doctor

Doctor Who?

The Punk is a Dr. Who fan. He wanted to be Dr. Who for Halloween last year (and made an adorable 11th Doctor!). He watches (screened and parental approved) every episode he can get his hands on. He knows who the Cybermen and Daleks are, but doesn't know Dora the Explorer. And I love that! He's our little Geek (he's super mega ultra into Star Wars too - but only the old ones), and we are very proud of him.

So when trying to find another way to help him learn the D sound, I thought to myself "Duh!" and started printing out all the Google images I could of Dr. Who and the creatures that he battles. The Punk had a blast with this, and I was happy to indulge his nerd-side while having some fun with our school work.
Painting the TARDIS
Writing his name (Photos of himself dressed as the Doctor)
Helping the Doctor Sonic the Daleks
D is for Doctor
D is for Daleks
Sequencing Largest to Smallest
Front of the Lapbook made to look like the TARDIS
The back of his Lapbook
It's bigger on the inside!

As the proud parent of a little Geek in Training, I must now link you to the Punk's entry into a Dr. Who TARDIS contest. All you have to do is "like" the entry (if you have a Facebook account). Easy as 3.14159265 ;) We know there are tons of awesome TARDIS replicas out there, but we think the Punk will find it neat one day to know so many people saw his costume and thought he made an awesome Doctor.


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