Friday, March 25, 2011


I don't know why I have had the hardest time coming up with fun/interesting ways to work with the "D" sound, but it has been a challenge. I didn't rely on the Dinosaur or Drums that I maybe should have gone with (saving a dinosaur lesson for a future trip to the Museum).

Last night I decided to keep with the Dr. Who style of lessons, and work with what the Punk is interested in. The Punk likes money. He asks us several times a week if we can "Gimme some cash?". And if he finds change on the ground you'd think he won the lotto! So from that excitement comes our Sorting Change lesson.

Starting with D is for Dime, we also learned about Nickels and Quarters. I gave the Punk a quick lesson on looking at both sides of the coin to match with the pictures I had printed, and he was off!

He'd scrutinize them carefully before placing the coin in the sorting bowls provided. He had the hardest time determining if some were Quarters or Nickles, but I quickly found out why - the Nickles he was confused about were Buffalo Nickles, and (like the "new" quarters) didn't have exact fronts/backs as the photos I had downloaded. I'll be sure to check the coins I use next time!

Once he was done sorting, he'd pour the bowls back into the original container and start again.

The Punk had a blast "sorting monies" and I was happy to have a lesson come together with all the materials on hand!
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  1. Our money sorting always seems to segue into penny polishing--I don't know what they must think of us at the bank whenever we bring the coin jar in for a deposit!