Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break

We have a very loose school schedule around here, but we do have one hard and fast rule - if Daddy is home we don't have school. It not only gives us both more time to spend with Daddy, it also helps the Punk distinguish Weekends and Holidays. And since Daddy works for a local school district - he gets quite a few Holidays! Last week we were all on Spring Break. And that meant no school.

While I was slightly happy that I didn't have to plan anything, it was hard keeping the Punk busy. He has really come to love our mornings on the floor together learning about this and that. But that being said, after a week "off" it takes us a few days to get back into a groove.

Here's a few pictures of our Spring Break to help us wrap things up and get back to work!

The Punk got a trampolene. It was something I had my eye on for a while, and when it went to 50% off (plus I had a store credit) I had to jump on it. Ha! Jump on it!

The Punk also went to Chuck E. Cheese with Mommy & Daddy. Word of advice, don't take your kids to see the Pizza Mouse during Spring Break. It was chaos. But he had earned 200 beads in his rewards system, so we followed through with our promise!

The ice cream man drove by one of the last nights of Spring Break. The weather has been in the 80's already, so it's that time I suppose. And since last Fall when the Punk discovered that is what the van playing "Turkey in the Straw" was selling he has fine tuned his ears to pick up that song when it is still 5 blocks away!

We had a wonderful stay at home week, and we hope everyone else had a great Spring Break too!

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