Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Field Trip - Science and History Museum

We took a little field trip today! We received passes to the Museum for Christmas, and now that everyone is well it's time to put them to use! We played, had lunch, and a wonderful time. I have am looking forward to visiting often.

Giant sized Light Bright was an EXTREME success! We both had fun with this exhibit. Playing with lights in a dimly lit room is relaxing. Especially after the busload of Jr. High kids left!

I hardly ever get to pack my own lunch. This was fun! Sandwich Bento for me, and moons and stars for Kai. The celestial theme was to celebrate his first trip to the Planetarium. This didn't go so well though, and our 20 minute show lasted exactly 4 minutes before he tugged on me and frightfully said "Let's get outta here, please Mommy!?"
The sandwich was good though.

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