Thursday, January 27, 2011

Field Trip - Stock Show

Today we went to the Stock Show. The Punk wasn't to thrilled (mostly when I would tell him not to step on this or that poo), but he endured for longer than I thought.

He saw eggs that were hatching. Some little chicks were already out, and others were just poking their little beaks out of the shells.

He saw baby chicks (that were "supposed to" ride a Ferris Wheel contraption, but steered clear of it). He liked the baby piglets, but not so much the baby goat. And baby ducklings that were drinking from a pool and snuggling up for a nap were wonderfully cute to everyone.

He did not have a good relationship with this turkey. The turkey was loud and the Punk is not a fan of loud.

He drove nearly every tractor in the Exhibit Hall. Red ones, blue ones, yellow, green and orange ones. He digs tractors.

G'bye Yall!

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