Monday, January 10, 2011

Let's play school...

The boy is really interested in school. He sees kids on TV go to school. Daddy works in schools. His older brother visits and talks about school. He wants to go to school. I'm not ready. Not in the least. I might not be ready until he's 30. He's my little Monkey. He's my little Punk. I want to keep him home as long as I can.

So - when he said to me "Let's play school Mommy!" I thought to myself - Why not?

I have been doing a little research (meaning insomniac Googling) and found a few thousand other blogs/websites/Internet places that are so incredibly inspiring. I realized we can do this. He can learn, and I can teach him. No rules - just fun.

So I'm going to start Teaching the Punk.

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  1. You go girl! Who knows your child better than you? Who knows how he learns or what will work best? Who loves him more than anyone on earth?

    YOU! Have fun. I think we live in your area now that I looked at a few posts. I found you through the Astronaut preschool pack link. We have done the Pirates and Fireman and Space is next.