Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rice Box

It's too cold to play outside. Well, it can be too cold. It's the South - it can be 30 or 70 depending on the day. The Punk loves to go outside and dig, so I needed to come up with an indoor option. After a little web surfing I found a recipe for coloring rice, and decided to go for it!
Cheesy Punk smile, and our baggies of colored rice. We made blue, red, green, yellow, and a sorta-kinda-purple color. It was a mix of red and blue food coloring, and some look more red, some more blue, and some gray.
It was really interesting to see how the food coloring took to the rice. Some grains are vibrant, and others are soft and pastel looking. We set them on paper towels and let them dry (overnight).
Trucks, spoons, cups, small bowls - even just your fingers. Playing in rice is fun, and such an inexpensive way for the Punk to have a good time digging indoors.

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