Monday, February 7, 2011

B is for Buttons

I have a few jars of buttons that I bought a year or more ago. I sorted the giant plastic bag into jars by size, and then put them up to "craft with some day". I pull them out on occasion, but put them back thinking that I don't want to waste them on this or that. Today it dawned on me that the reason I bought the buttons was to use them with the Punk. For him to feel them, and sift through them and pick and choose colors. I bought them with him in mind, but kept putting off the use of the buttons for just-the-perfect-craft.

That was silly. They are just buttons. And B (we are working on this week) is for Button. So we made a Button B. And it is perfect.

And lastly is a scanned version of it after drying. Scanning his art makes me feel like I can keep it forever (I don't know why I don't feel the same way about photos?) We had a great time making this. Sticky glue, colorful buttons, and a 3 year old boy = Bliss. And that starts with a B as well. Looks like Mommy learned a lesson today too.

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