Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hog the Ground

I was super proud of myself for this one - I pretty much created a lapbook on my own to celebrate Groundhog Day! There wasn't much out there in the preschool blog world about it, so I Googled some images, and borrowed from a few places until I had enough info to help explain the Holiday to the Punk. I bow to the Home Schoolers who do this type of thing with multiple children, it's no easy task (but it is kind of fun).

It contains: Groundhog poem, hibernating animals, Groundhog mini-book, sequencing Groundhog shadows, Matching animal shadows, tracing the Groundhog's path back to the burrow, and practicing his name letters, whew!

We made a little Groundhog puppet that pops up and down (and then watched for it's shadow). Then we watched Punxutawney Phil via webcam, and found out that he predicted that Spring will be here soon!

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  1. Wow.... I am just so stunned at how amazing of a mom you are. You are making his mind grow by leaps and bounds with everything you do with him!