Monday, February 21, 2011

Thank You Umizoomi?

I can't stand Dora. She screams, I cringe. The Punk hasn't ever watched an episode of the show because I think she's annoying. Not to say he doesn't get to watch TV - just not shows I find shrill or useless (like Wubbzy. Ick.). He has found a new "favorite" show that he requests when he earns a few minutes of TV time, and that is Team Umizoomi. At first I wasn't too impressed. The way-too-bright colors and sing-songy mannerisms didn't appeal to me. But then, I'm not 3.

When the Punk started lining up his Hotwheels in color patterns, and said "Just wike Miwwy and Geo!" I started paying more attention. He really IS picking up bits of Math here and there. So now when he earns an extra TV show for the day, I am now prepared with Team Umizoomi on the DVR.

Pattern Power!

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