Friday, February 4, 2011

Wild Thing

B is for Bedhead.

I changed out the Punk's table pictures last night while he was sleeping. He now has "B" words to look at while he eats/plays/draws/crafts. I couldn't get over the sight of his hair - it was WILD! Very appropriate for this morning's book and story board...

Where the Wild things Are! We read through the book, and placed each piece on as we told the story. I love my little nightstand/table. On one side he has no supper, then you turn it over to find his supper waiting for him (and it was still hot).

We then did a little cutting up. I printed out some Google images of Max, and had the Punk cut them apart. He flips back and forth from hand to hand, so he's having a hard time learning to cut. Once he decides which hand he wants to use it will get easier, I'm sure.

Then we did a little tracing. He goes over it with his finger a few times and says things like "up, down, over" then draws the line. He repeats the "up, down, over" stuff and draws what he says instead of what is on the paper. It cracks me up!

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