Monday, February 7, 2011

Hearts and Tongs they Fade Away...

Today we worked on tongs again. MUCH better than the last activity, balls are easy to pick up and move around. He did this for probably 20 minutes this morning, just finding new ways to place them, new colors to pattern.

I adore his concentration face. Love love love.

One thing I have noticed is whenever I move the work from one side to the other he switches hands. If he starts left to right he uses one hand, and when I move the bowl right to left he uses the other. I don't know if he is a righty or lefty anymore (he used to use his right predominantly) but now in a lot of activities he uses both/either. We will see, I suppose?

Today's nerdy title is brought to you by my love for Pearl Jam. I am a dork, and I embrace it.

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