Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snip Snip Snip

New Scissors Day! I have a passion, nay, obsession with office supplies. If the Punk was a girl I really wanted to name him Avery. It's bad. When I worked outside the home I was the person in charge of ordering office supplies. It was Heaven.

Now my fondness for office supplies is turning into a "What new thing does the Punk need for school? Yep. Totally sad. But my most recent purchase is AWESOME! Scissors. Yeah, he already had scissors. Scissors that cannot cut anything but paper. Scissors that are proven (by the advertisement and ME) to not cut hair. That is important to me (after growing up seeing kids with chunks of hair missing). But... the Punk can't use those scissors well. Not yet at least.

So I bought some new ones. And I am thrilled. They have a springy mechanism that helps them bounce back to the open-position. And that is exactly what he needed help with. Our cutting work went by so smoothly today - no frustrations, no "I can't do this.". I love these new scissors.

Today we practiced cutting construction paper between the happy face stickers.

And then patterning those stickers! A two-for-one activity.

The Punk wanted to cut some more (he's loving these new scissors too!) so we practiced with more strips of construction paper.

And then a page from one of his Kumon books.

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