Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bed Time Cards

The "how this came about" part of the story is long. But suffice to say we have been having some bed time struggles. And this is what we came up with to help us work towards a solution. Not exactly a chart, more of a Step 1., Step 2. kind of plan. And so far so good!

At night we go into the Punk's room and pull out his cards. He follows the steps, and (without a fight, tear, screaming match or threat) he does everything he needs to do before bed. Hallelujah!

And at the end of all the steps he gets a bead. A regular old orange Pony Bead. Why? He doesn't know. He just knows he wants them. We have two jars of orange beads labeled "Mom and Dad" and "Punk". He really wants Mom and Dad's beads, so he does everything he needs to in order to earn the beads. In this example 1 card = 1 bead.

We plan to use the beads like currency, but we haven't seen the need to trade beads for anything yet - he's just happy to earn them. And we are ALL happier at bed time!

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