Monday, February 7, 2011

C'mon! Books

We have a couple of Kumon books that we use from time to time. Today we did a page from this one. The Punk calls them the C'mon books. As in C'mon Mom, let's do these! The page we worked on were fish (on one side) and birds (on the other). The child should place the sticker wherever they feel the animals should go.

This is where the Punk feels the fish belong. "On top of dis uver one. See?"

The stickers aren't easy to get off the backing. You have to work at it. Good motor skills work, right? Actually it was a better lesson for Mommy. The Punk didn't declare "I can do it all by myself", but I had to let him anyway. It's hard for me to NOT jump in and help him do things.

Letting him do it alone resulted in the sticker being torn in half. I was able to mend it for him, and it looks fine and dandy. In fact, the way he placed the stickers looks a bit Escher-esque. And I really dig that.

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